Shaping the next generation of music creators.


Writers Room U connects professional songwriters with K-12 schools and programs across the country to teach students about the music industry, music production, and the craft of songwriting.


  • Students write songs with Nashville’s best up-and-coming and established artists, songwriters, and producers.

  • Students learn about the professional journeys that these creatives have taken to get to where they are.

  • Students go behind the scenes of the music industry to discover the many career possibilities.


Our students are incredibly excited about music and literacy - so much so that they are now writing songs on their own.

--Elementary school principal, San Diego CA

Every time a song comes on the radio, my song now loves to break it down, pointing out what part is the chorus or the verse. He is also noticing that many songs use repetition and rhyme and has a renewed interest in playing different instruments to write more songs.

--Parent of a 4th grader, Salem, MA

My favorite thing is how we've only had six sessions together, but the fun is infinite.

--5th grade student, San Diego CA

This is a great opportunity to inspire the younger generation with the magic of music.

--Dylan Brady, Columbia records & RECORDS LLC recording artist, Sony/ATV songwriter

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