Roxy King, Co-Founder

Roxy is deeply embedded in the Nashville songwriter community as the A&R Manager at Concord Music Publishing. In her role as a music publisher, she is the match-maker between songwriters, producers, and artists to get the next hit songs written, recorded, and released. She works with songwriters such as Tofer Brown (Little Big Town, Lady A), Hillary Lindsey (Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga), Kendell Marvel (Jake Owen, Blake Shelton), and more. It’s also a part of Roxy’s job to identify and develop the next generation of great artists and music creators.

Alex Goodman, Co-Founder

Alex began his music industry career as the day-to-day and tour manager for American hip-hop and R&B recording artist, Sir the Baptist. Alongside Sir, Alex toured the country, putting on shows with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Chance the Rapper, and more. Today, Alex is the manager of buzzed-about pop/country artist, Dylan Brady, who signed both a major label deal and a major publishing deal in 2019. In addition, Alex heads up Digital Media and Strategy at the record label, Riser House, where he works closely with artists such as Mitchel Tenpenny, Dillon Carmichael and Meagan Patrick.